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Ace your English Grammar



Ace Your English Grammar series follows the Singapore Ministry of Education Syllabus closely. It is designed to provide students with targeted exposures to the different grammatical concepts. The examination type questions will enable students to gain the confidence and familiarity needed to ACE their examinations.


ENGLISH GRAMMAR consists of the fundamental system of rules and principles for speaking and writing in the English language. The correct usage of Grammar in English reflects the learner’s mastery of the language. As such, Grammar is an indispensable component in the English Syllabus set out by MOE and an integral component which is tested in school assessments and national examinations.

This series of Ace Your English Grammar books aims to give students the practice they need to learn the fundamentals of correct Grammar usage through intensive practices of carefully crafted questions.

The books consist of the following features:

  • FOCUSED GRAMMAR PRACTICES, with each unit focusing on a different type of Grammar item, serve as drills to allow pupils to familiarise themselves with the common types of Grammar questions which they would usually encounter in school tests and examinations.
  • REVISION EXERCISES, one at the end of each unit, test the pupils’ understanding of the entire unit as well as permit them to further practise what they have learnt.
  • THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE unit helps prepare pupils for the more advanced questions in school examinations. This segment also allows them to practise applying grammatical rules in more complex situations.
  • A FINAL REVISION section with three tests at the end of the book gives pupils a chance to check their own progress as well as gauge how they will fare in an actual examination.