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Ace your English Synthesis & Transformation



Ace Your English Synthesis and Transformation series follows the Singapore Ministry of Education Syllabus closely. The practices are designed based on the new examination format. Through the varied practices and tests, students will be exposed to a wide range of challenging synthesis and transformation questions.

These intensive practices grouped by connector type will enable students to gain the confidence and familiarity needed to ACE their examinations.


Each Synthesis and Transformation question has twice the weightage compared to all the other grammar questions in the English Language paper of the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Thus pupils who wish to get good grades for the English paper need to do well in this section. In addition, pupils also need to know how to combine two or more sentences aptly in order to obtain high scores for the comprehension and composition components.

This Synthesis and Transformation book aims to give pupils the practice they need to properly learn how to join sentences using appropriate connectors or rephrase complex sentences.

Practices, each focussing on a different type of sentence manipulation, serve as drills to allow pupils to familiarise themselves with the structure of such sentences. These exercises are grouped into 6 units to facilitate pupils’ learning of similar grammar devices.

Simple and concise notes at the start of each practice briefly explain how the synthesis or transformation is carried out. These are paired with examples that clearly illustrate how the sentences are combined or rephrased for pupils to emulate when completing the practice exercise.

Revision Exercises, one at the end of each unit, test the pupils’ understanding of the entire unit as well as permit them to further practise what they have learnt.

A Final Revision section with two tests at the end of the book gives pupils a chance to check their own progress as well as gauge how they will fare in an actual examination

Ultimate Challenge unit helps prepare pupils for the more advanced questions in school and national examinations. This segment also gives them the added advantage of being able to both comprehend such sentences and utilise them in their compositions.