JustAnzan Mega Mental Arithmetic

JustAnzan Mega Mental Arithmetic

What is Anzan?

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JustAnzan Mega Mental Arithmetic™ is a special training program introduced and improved by Melik Duyar, the founder and former chairman of MEMORIAD™ World Mental Olympics. The program uses mental arithmetic and memory techniques along with IQ games to promote the brain development of children between the ages of 5 and 12. Using the techniques mentioned, the program creates synergy between the left and right brain, building your child’s Whole Brain Development.

Anzan Programme Benefits

Exam 1

Achieve Top in Math like
98.7% of Anzan students!

Memory 2

Improve Memory &

Calculate 3

Whole Brain Development &
Speed Calculation

Qualified Trainers

At the helm of this programme, our chosen team of Anzan specialist trainers has undergone an intensive arithmetic programme facilitated by Mr Wellon Chou, an International Memory Master who has achieved 6 National Memory Records and 2 International Memory Master Norms to date. Being Math tutors and Anzan-certified, our trainers are poised to guide your child on a Mega Mental Arithmetic™ journey to developing their whole brain!


Mr Tham


Ms Mai


Ms Chong


Ms Lim

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Mr Ho


Ms Ang

Certified Franchisee

JustEdu has achieved franchise rights
to bring you…

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Free Trial Class Schedule

Trial Class Schedule V2

Venue: Sun Plaza, 30 Sembawang Dr, #04 – 04, Singapore 757713
Things to bring: Stationery (pencils, erasers), jacket and a curious mind!
All other materials will be provided.


– Catch our Education Booth at Level 2 of Sun Plaza during the March school holidays! –

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