Especially For Parents Who Want To Give Their Child (3-8 Year Old) A Natural Competitive Edge In Primary school!


Discover How A Small Group Of Preschoolers Are Subconsciously Absorbing New Math Concepts Quickly & Developing Logical Thinking SkillsAll Using This Korean Learning Method!


Singaporean Parents Are Amazed To See How This Highly Raved About Technique Has Started To “Program”. The Math Genius In Their Children By The Time They Turn Primary 1!



PlayFACTO has helped over 100,000 children throughout US, Korea, Japan, Malaysia & Singapore develop a competitive edge when it comes to mastering logical & critical thinking skills.

All to prepare them for Primary School!

“Are You Giving Your Kids The Right Stimulation To Engage, Develop & Strengthen Their Growing Minds?”

If you’re starting to notice that your child is:

tick  Easily distracted and can’t seem to focus

tick  Gives up easily when trying to overcome a challenge or working on a task (whether it’s playing a new game or activity)!

tick  Picks up new skills a little slower than other children (fixing puzzles, using fingers to count, doesn’t tend to recognize patterns, etc)

tick   Rushes to you for the answer instead of attempting to solve the Math problem!

tick Afraid of asking questions when he doesn’t understand certain concepts or instructions (sometimes even trying to avoid the subjects completely)!


These may be early-warning signs that the learning methods you’re current using may NOT be stimulating his growing brain in the most effective way!

And if not handled properly, it can easily lead to having difficulties tackling & handling challenges when he/she goes to primary 1…

That’s not all.

As parents, you probably know…

Developing your child’s brain between the ages of 3 to 10 (other wise known as “formative” years) can be the difference between high-performing kids and children who struggle to pick up new skills!

Ever noticed how some kids struggle/take time to learn new stuff and other kids are able to pick it up instantly?

It’s likely because they were engaged with the right methods before they turned 10!

So, what exactly can help him develop logical & critical thinking skills at a young age?

Introducing The 5 Step H.OM.E.S Methodology: How Your Toddler Is Going To Absorb New Knowledge At Lightning Speed (Without Even Being Aware That He’s Learning)!

Adapted from Professor Park Man-Gu, Professor of Mathematical education, at Seoul National University & Head Professor of National Development of Questionnaires for Gifted Mathematics Education…Our H.O.M.E.S Methodology, focuses on learning through play.

This is done through using unique Korean Manipulatives (learning tools) that subconsciously teach your child complex topics like logical thinking, pattern recognition, numeracy and problem solving skills through simple and natural games!

Hands-On For Better Memory Retention!

Young children are concrete learners; they learn better when they can manipulate real objects. This allows for greater knowledge absorption and retention!

Open Ended Experiences Encourages Creativity In Solving Problems

Unlike ‘drilling’ or ‘rote-learning’ approaches where the emphasis is on memorizations and looking for the one correct answer, we lead children to think through possibilities, to create and test hypotheses. This is essential to develop creative thinking skills!

Meaningful Scenarios & Stories To Engage The Right Brain!

A learning experience is much more powerful when we can connect to it to something that is already of interest to them. We teach Math concepts through real-life examples and scenarios.


Empathy Helps Breed Collaboration Between Peers!

Children learn best with other children. It motivates, stimulates and supports them in their development of skills, concepts, language acquisitions /communication skills and concentration!


Sensory Oriented Fun!

Piaget, a great early childhood researcher, said that young children are sensory-motor learners. Hence, all our activities allow for children to see, hear, feel and touch. When children explore through their senses, their brains create new connections as well as strengthen existing ones!

And while our learning method is pretty extensive…

Right now you might be thinking…

How Our “Korean Manipulatives” Different From Learning Tools & Other Enrichment Toys In The Market?”


Unlike other “education toys” or “learning resources” out there in the market, which focuses on self- directed learning and “play & forget” sessions.

Our students bring the platforms home which promotes active participation, group work, competitive games and even parent-child bonding activities!

This means on top of developing necessary logic, critical thinking & math skills…

Our techniques instill social skills WITHIN the games.

So instead of learning alone, your child is exposed to new interactions and is aware of different behaviours of other kids, training their minds to work together (a very valuable skill later on in life)!


What you’ve seen above is just a fraction of the array of the 136 customized brain stimulating games and activities we have in our program.

Not only does your kid have fun, they are subconsciously learning CORE skills needed to excel in primary school (all without assessment books etc)!

So if you want to see how your child can get access to this range of amazing manipulatives and start gaining that competitive edge over his peers the moment he enters primary school…


Lessons are available at Bukit Gombak, Sembawang (Sun Plaza) & SengKang 2 (Rivervale Mall)

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Check Out What Other Parents Are Saying About The Program!


“…Enjoyed The Activity So Much, I Had To Persuade Him To Finish The Next Part Later!”

My child built up blocks and matched pairs. He enjoyed the activity so much, so I had to persuade him to do the next part later. But he insisted to do some more, so we have proceeded the “Number and Calculation.” It was so fun, that I teach my own kid with manipulatives. PlayFACTO let me experience it! I was satisfied with the manipulative activities, learning, mathematical concepts and raising the creativity!

–By Balaljumma, Mummy of 5 Year Old


“… Was Relieved, Seeing My Child Really Enjoying And Jumping Around …”

I was relieved, seeing my child really enjoying and jumping around while learning maths. This is another charming point of the PlayFACTO Kids, the mathematical fairy tale. These mathematical fairy tales were selected by the Mathtian mathematics lab, and supervised by Professor Bae from the Seoul National University. They simultaneously raise the children’s sensitivity and mathematical thinking.

— by Haengbobkhan Mummy of 3 Year Old