Robotics Super Tech Kids (For aged 5-7)

Robotics Super Tech Kids (For aged 5-7)

Children are explorative and inquisitive in nature. They learn best by exploring and tinkering using their senses. It is important to immerse them in various educational activities from early childhood to cultivate a good learning attitude.

SUPER TECH KIDS courses are specially developed to bring STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) learning to kids as young as 5-year-old. Key areas that we are focusing on are Robotics and Coding. Through different projects and themes, children can observe and learn how technology plays a part in their daily life. This certification course aims to nurture creativity, imagination, patience, and skills in Science, Technology, Mathematics, Language and Computer literacy.


Course Structure



image-light-bulb-pin-png-club-penguin-wiki-the-free-editable-23  Learning key concepts through playing and tinkering.


image-light-bulb-pin-png-club-penguin-wiki-the-free-editable-23  Using Various Robotics sets, Technological Toys and Activities, Children learn            through fun and play.


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