We strongly believe that our tuition and enrichment programs have helped change the lives of our students... but that belief alone will not be able to convince you.

Instead, here are some testimonials and reviews from our students to prove our worth.


Chong Yi Ting

Primary 5 Math

My results have improved tremendously, from 79 marks in P3 SA2 to 98 marks in P4-SA1, and to 100 in my recent P4 SA2! My first 100 in math! I am so proud of myself!

I look forward to learning new things every lesson!

Kennice Liong Kah Man

Primary 2 Math

Tan Si Ying

Primary 4 Science

JustEdu's exam-style revision papers help me to anticipate the questions that will be tested in my exam!

Averie Tee

Primary 1 Math

Mr Sng is a patient and detailed teacher. She takes note of the concepts we are weak in and explains them to us until we understand them.

See Hui Xin

Primary 2 Math

Thanks to Ms Sng, my English results have skyrocketed.

Ashvik Samuel Durairaj

Primary 5 Math

JustEdu's notes, worksheets and revision papers are very comprehensive and challenging. They give me a strong foundation and a complete understanding of the subject.

Lau Cheng Xun

Primary 4 Math

Mr Peh has taught me many skills and methods to solve complex problems, helping me to score high marks in Mathematics.

Pranav S/O Subramaniam

Primary 5 Science

Science used to be my worst subject. Because of Mrs Lau, it is now my favourite subject.


Yin Xin

Secondary 2 Math

Ms Shandy is willing to give us her time after lessons and help us with problems from our schoolwork that we can't solve.

Lie Ying

Secondary 3 Math

I was tired of getting a fail for my math since primary 6. After months in JustEdu, my results improved and I have been scoring A's throughout the year.


Secondary 1 Science

When my exams are around the corner, I revise JustEdu's notes and worksheets. They help me in a way that I just need to revise them; I don't need to do any assessment papers

Tang Ting Yee Joelle

Secondary 3 IP Math

JustEdu's worksheets contain a variety of questions that reinforce the concepts I have learnt and enable me to apply them to other scenarios.

Ho Lukas

Secondary 2 Math

JustEdu's notes and worksheets are succinctly written for quick revision. The detailed explanations allow me to understand key concepts better, while the various types of questions in revision papers train me to think deeper.

Tan Yu Jun Teena

Secondary 2 Math

The summary of formulae provided in every revision paper sums up what I need to know. I am more confident when preparing for my examinations.