We strongly believe that every child has a potential that can be unlocked if nurtured from a young age. Hailed as one of the leading education service providers in Singapore since opening our doors in 1999, we aim to unleash the potential of our students through an enriched culture of sharing, learning and bonding experiences. In addition to our core brand, JustEdu, we not have other service offerings under the brands Accrete Success, Candy Path and 卓希 to meet the demands of the learners in your geography.

We seek to inspire our students not only to achieve academic success; but also to enrich them with life values and creativity.

We want to share our strengths with you. Moulded by tears of experience, our expertise can help you along an accelerated learning curve, replicating this exciting education formula wherever you are via franchising. We are excited to expand our reach globally and are keen to speak with you!

Join us in a journey of sharing, learning, and bonding - all in the name of working towards impacting the lives of countless students together.

  • Distinctive Corporate ID and Marks

  • Access to Business System and Methods

  • Comprehensive JustEdu Junior Enrichment Franchise & Operations

  • Teaching Resources & Curriculum

  • Complete Initial Training

  • Centre Set-Up and Design Guidance

  • Centre Opening Support

  • Our Commitment and Passion in Ensuring your Success


We are poised to expand our mission in Asia and aim to establish a network of Learning Centers through franchising.

If you're a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for education, we're interested in knowing what you can bring to the table. Let's explore how we can forge a sharing, learning and bonding partnership that can help you develop the relevant Education business concept in your territory. Interested applicants are welcomed to fill up our form below.